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Basing on over 10-years-experience on castors and wheels, we found company ROLLENN in year 2014 to offer our products to whole world market, including complete castors, wheels of rubber and plastic, and the simple trolley / dolly.


The factory of steel parts is about 4000 square meters, the machine is from 80 to 250 tons for almost all the standard brackets and parts

The factory of rubber parts is about 1200 square meters, for all rubber parts, the machine is from 50 to 300 tons, can produce the wheels up to Ø650mm, and all the rubber parts including the rubber ramp etc.

The factory of plastic parts is about 1000 square meters, for all plastic parts by injection, the machine is from 110 to 630 tons, all the plastic wheels and trolley parts can produced here.


To offer our best services and products to our customers, we can make design on customization parts together with customer¡¯s request by CAD and 3D drawings.


Thanks very much to visit us on web, just contact with us if you have any need on castors and wheels, and trolleys.